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Creator of the highly successful

"Better Conversations Every Day".

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My Story - The Path Less Traveled


An unlikely start

Born in South Carolina, to parents who never completed high school, we eventually moved to Prince George's County Maryland, just east of DC, where I spent most of my childhood. At the age of 16, I dropped out of school, unsure of what would happen next I eventually earned a GED and attended Community College. 


A citizen of the planet

The pursuit of additional college led me to small-town North Carolina. I finished my undergraduate degree and was involved in non-profit outreach work with youth and at-risk communities. Drawn to help the under-resourced, I moved to Cambodia for a few years, one of the poorest countries in the world. While there, I attended classes in the Philippines and completed a masters in Organizational Leadership. Since then, I have traveled to 20+ countries, supporting, coaching and training leaders from all walks of life. 


Elite executive coaching, training and keynote presentations.

I fell in love with coaching during grad school and earned ICF coach credentials in 2007. Learning how to navigate complex organizational cultures, I served in a number of leadership and organizational development roles, working for an international disaster relief agency supporting leaders in 20+ countries and then for a healthcare system where I focused on developing physician leaders and senior administrators. In addition to my private practice, I now serve as Head of Coaching at the Center for Creative Leadership (Americas), a top-ranked provider of executive leadership education and coaching serving nearly 80% of the Fortune 500. 

Word on the Street


Chuck is one of those unique individuals who have the capacity to strategically lead and also move things through to execution. He has an incredible grasp of human dynamics and change management which not only makes him a superb facilitator, it also allows him to craft strategies that are not only accepted well by his partners but also produce the intended results. 

R. Hill

Chuck is the best manager I've ever worked with. He is exceptionally professional, fair, competent and confident.

A. Ebaugh  


 He coached me around a very complicated situation; his questions were excellent. Chuck is an exceptionally supportive coach. He encouraged me to stretch and provided words of encouragement specific to the situation.  It is without reservation that I recommend him. 

S. Goebel 

Being coached by Chuck has impacted my life. It has helped me improve and move to another stage of self-direction and self-management and helped me grow. 

S. Pang


Highly motivated and goal oriented. His ability to connect with people is second only to his communication skills. One of Chuck’s most powerful assets is his prowess for cutting to the heart of a conversation topic. As a speaker, his ability to “get to the point” has garnered many fans. Meanwhile, his coaching style enlists the listening skills of a seasoned professional punctuated with powerful questions that provide revealing answers

R. Martin

Chuck is one of the best trainers and teachers you could find. He has a natural gift of communication that makes him engaging regardless of the topic

S. Evans 

Chuck Ainsworth

Center for Creative Leadership, Director, Americas Coaching Practice

Epic Rivers Coaching & Consulting, Principle